Bhad Girl Gang – Danielle Bregoli’s Website

Bhad Girl Gang is Danielle Bregoli’s new website.  The Cash Me Ousside girl is developing her brand.  She’s no longer breaking the law and is ready to earn some cash.  Danielle is still fighting.  The video at the end of this article shows her mom beating her up.  While some say Danielle deserves it, others argue that it’s child abuse.

We recently saw Danielle and her mother fighting on an airplane.  They were fighting another passenger on the flight but this time they’re fighting each other.  Keep reading for additional facts about Danielle, including information about a guy she recently hooked up with.

Bhad Girl Gang Danielle Bregoli
Bhad Girl Gang Danielle Bregoli

Bryan Silva

Bryan Silva aka GraTaTa is a fitness model who gained fame thanks to Vine.  Last month, rumors surfaced about Danielle hooking up with Bryan.  The social media sensation shared the following tweet:

Bryan Silva GraTaTa Guy
Bryan Silva GraTaTa Guy

Here’s the problem: Bryan was born on January 2, 1991 and is currently 26-years-old.  At the time of the tweet, Danielle was only 13, half Silva’s age.  Bryan has deleted the tweet.  One of his friends most likely warned him that he’ll be arrested if his claim is true.  Danielle’s father is a police officer and we’re sure he’d love to arrest Bryan for touching his baby girl.

Maybe Bregoli’s new website will provide explanations to issues like this.  There’s also a rumor that she was banned for life from Spirit Airlines after her brawl.

Endorsement Deal With Postmates

Many believe that Danielle will soon be forgotten about.  She’s working hard to build her brand and taking advantage of all the attention she’s receiving.  The following tweet shows that she recently signed a endorsement deal with the delivery company, Postmates:

Postmates allows customers to have anything delivered, on-demand.  Danielle’s fame has lasted because you can use her catchphrases to market just about any product.

By Jason John

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