ABC Better Not Play Rachel! Here Are 5 Things We’re Gonna Need From The Men Trying To Woo The First Black ‘Bachelorette’

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
First and foremost let’s just roll our eyes at the fact that 31-year old attorney Rachel Lindsay is THE FIRST Black Bachelorette in twenty-two seasons of The Bachelor. Apparently, ABC and other networks want to be praised for FINALLY getting diversity right, but we’re not going to give them that, not today.

Lindsay appeared on this past season of The Bachelor, and though she and Nick Viall got really close, she did not take home the final rose. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised… we’ll wait.) Still, positive things came out of this season of The Bachelor. As we’ve always known, Black women are desired and pursued, by all types of men, so don’t let the media tell you otherwise. Also, Rachel didn’t need Nick’s final rose because Queen now has her own show with her own set of fine men after her.
Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
From this season of The Bachelor, we know that Rachel is super opinionated, intelligent (she passed the bar the first time she took it) and ready to find love. When she was asked if she felt pressure to choose a Black man during her tenure as The Bachelorette, she said, “I’m not picking a man for American.” YASSS GIRL!! With all that being said, we’re going to need ABC to dig deep and find the best of the best to woo Rachel. Here are five things we’re gonna need from the men vying for a chance to put a ring on her finger.
Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette
1. Accomplished
Listen, Rachel ain’t no slouch. We’re not going to knock anybody’s hustle but a man trying to “find himself” is not something she needs SMH, especially since has her own high-powered career as an attorney.
2. Well Traveled
From her love of The Chronicles of Narnia and country music, it’s clear that Rachel’s passions and desires extend well beyond the stereotypical things that Black girls ae supposed to be into. We’re gonna need the men vying for her heart to be well-traveled and cultured as well.
3. Woke
Rachel has already proven that she’s down with the swirl and that’s cool with us. However, in these tumultuous times that we are living in, we’re going to need Rachel to be dealing with men who understand that #BlackLivesMatter. Trump supports, and hoteps need not apply.

4. Grown AF
Let’s jut be real when you’re twenty-something you don’t quite have it all together, and Rachel is trying to find her HUSBAND. Most twenty-somethings are just trying to make sure their rent is paid on time, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, we’re gonna need ABC to make sure that Rachel’s men are quite grown in all the best ways.

5. Fine As Hell
We realize that looks aren’t everything, but Rachel is gorgeous. She deserves a stunning ass Christmas card with her bae! Plus we’d like to see a little man candy when we turn into The Bachelorette this coming season.
Are y’all going to tune in when Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 22, 2017? We’re rooting for you girl!!