50 Cent Faked Beef with Producers for ‘Power’ Ratings

Hold up wait a minute! If you are a ‘Power‘ fan then you must remember that huge debacle where 50 Cent went to absolute war on social media against the producers of ”Power” for showing his privates on the show. Well it looks like he’s being exposed for faking it, but the gag is the exposing is coming from the executive producer herself–Courtney Kemp!

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In August 2016 Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson went on a expletive filled rant about his full frontal scene showing all he had working with; saying that he didn’t approve of the scene and even more importantly it traumatized his Auntie G who had to get up TWICE during the show. Some fans believed his rant and were like “Oh lawd not Auntie G” but others new that the rapper was lying. I mean don’t you have to sign a release form of sorts for a scene like that?

During the madness Courtney, who has writing credits for not only ‘Power’ but also “The Good Wife”, kept it classy and simply responded by posting a photo that was a picture of the credits of the show stating that she was a producer accompanied by the boss-like caption “I’ll just leave that there. @50 Cent”.

Well Kemp seems to have changed her mind about keeping it classy and leaving it at that because it’s seven months later and in an interview with Refinery 29 she tells the truth! When asked about the situation Kemp responded “It’s all bulls—! 50 and I are extremely close, so all that social media drama? It’s just for the show. People truly believed that he did not know his d— was going to be on camera. I couldn’t believe it! Do you know how long we had to prepare for that shot? Of course he knew. The whole thing just gave us so much more buzz and helped me realize how we can use social media to our advantage. 50 Cent is a brilliant marketer.”

There you have it, it was a stunt to get more viewers and it worked. However, outing 50 Cent and herself could easily backfire because she is basically bragging about how she and 50 fooled the viewers.

“Empire”,which will be back March 22, has never did anything this extra for ratings. Just sayin’.