14-Year-Old on ‘The Voice’

Did you watch ‘The Voice’ Monday night? If not, you missed out on an amazing 14-year-old girl by the name of Aaliyah Rose who sang ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day. She was amazing and she connected with Gwen Stefani right away. Her voice is so beautiful, my husband and I got chills from it. That is how you know when someone is a great singer, right?

Although this young girl is only 14-years-old, she said she started a YouTube channel and covered a bunch of different artists. She also said she has had thousands of views and even did a cover of one of Alicia Key’s songs.

14 Year Old On The Voice Aaliyah Rose
14 Year Old On The Voice
This young girl has an amazing voice and Gwen told her how talented she was. I don’t know why any of the other ones didn’t turn around and fight for her. She is that good!
Maybe Gwen was meant to be her coach because she did say that she told Alicia Keys before the show started that she wanted a young girl to coach and with Aaliyah Rose, she got one! ‘The Voice‘ is back and better than ever.
Did you hear her sing Monday night? What did you think about her voice? Sound off with your opinion on this young girl’s voice and the fact that she is on Gwen’s team and let everyone know what you think! Watch the video of Aaliyah Rose singing below and tell us what you think of her!

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