14 Girls Have Gone Missing In Washington, DC In The Last Day

The New York Times reports that 14 girls went missing in 24 hours in Washington, D.C.  Police argue that the claim is not true.

Multiple media outlets report that over a dozen DC teens, age 14 to 18, are missing.  All the teens are Black or Hispanic.  In the first three months of 2017, Washington DC has logged over 500 cases of missing teenagers.  The DC police department is using social media to alert the public that they need help.  Despite the fact DC’s the nation’s capital, the missing teens aren’t receiving much airtime from the news.

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DC residents outraged

On Wednesday, March 22, 2017 a meeting was held in Southeast DC.  Ward 8 Council member Trayvon White hosted the town hall-style meeting.  Residents gathered at Excel Academy.  Mayor Muriel Bowser and DC Police Chief Peter Newsham were in attendance.  It’s difficult to watch the news.  Each time I turn on the television, I see the face of a new teen and the words “Critical Missing.”

14 Girls Have Gone Missing In Washington DC
14 Girls Have Gone Missing In Washington DC

Black lawmakers ask the FBI for help

Black lawmakers have called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to help find the missing teens.  A staggering number of teens are missing in the area and no one seems to care.  Some believe that if the teens were white the issue would receive more attention from the media.  Others argue that teens are simply choosing to live independent lives at younger ages.

Missing children agencies show declining numbers of cases

It seems like we’re in an epidemic but statistics prove that missing children cases are declining.  That’s because of cellphones and social media.  Kids are getting mobile devices at younger ages and social media has been used to prevent emergencies.  Many kidnappers fear being recorded on a witness’ camera phone.
That’s the case with younger children while teens are different.  Some teens no longer want to be under the strict rules of their parents and are choosing to run away.  
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