Yo Gotti Brother – Anthony Mims

Yo Gotti’s brother, Anthony Mims, gets called out in Young Dolph’s new diss track, “Play Wit Yo B.” Young Dolph is really about that life and according to the streets, Yo Gotti’s lyrics were inspired by his older brother’s reality.  In “Play Wit Yo B” Dolph reveals that he used to front Anthony back when the they sold drugs in Memphis.

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Young Dolph stopped doing business with Anthony after finding out that he was a lame.  At the end of the song, Dolph reminds Yo Gotti that he helped Anthony aka “Jook” survive after Yo Gotti cut him off.

Yo Gotti Brother Anthony Mims
Yo Gotti Brother Anthony Mims

There’s no doubt that Young Dolph is from the streets.  The 31-year-old rapper never is constantly reminding the world that he was once a drug kingpin.

Dolph has been rapping since 2008 but his career took off after he appeared on O.T. Genasis’ “Cut It” in 2015.  Yo Gotti has been rapping since 2000 and no longer has a true connection to the streets.

Memphis is a dangerous city therefore the two rappers may want to squash their beef.  Fans take diss tracks serious.  Yo Gotti and Young Dolph’s lyrics could lead to serious violence.

Check out Young Dolph’s new diss track, “Play Wit Yo B”: