Yandy Smith Caught in Multiple Lies in “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” Reunion

Love and Hip-Hop New York reunion show erupted into pure chaos and it only took ten minutes into the episode for Yandy Smith to be exposed. In a fight that broke out including two audience members and Mendeeces’ first baby’s mother, Samantha, Yandy claimed to not know what happened or who was involved. However, producers shut that down right away when it was revealed that the audience members who attacked Samantha were related to Yandy.

Yandy Smith Love and Hip Hop Reunion
Yandy Smith Love and Hip Hop Reunion

As the conversation went on we learned that when Yandy claimed just a few episodes ago that she had “no idea” that her best friend Kimbella showed up at the kids birthday party she was lying once more.

The producers pulled out receipts of a conversation that Yandy and Kimbella had right before she stepped foot in the party where Kimbella tells Judy that she can’t get Yandy on the phone. Yandy then comes to the phone and has a few words with Kimbella. Although both in the season and on this episode of the reunion Yandy says she didn’t know that Kimbella even showed up at the party, we now know that Yandy and Kimbella did speak before things went left.

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This comes after the world, along with the “bitter baby mama club” Samantha Wallace and Erica Deshazo, found out that Yandy Smith and Mendeeces Harris aren’t legally married. That situation was also addressed when host Nina Parker asked if the two were married in the eyes of the law. Yandy responded yes but went on to say that a piece of paper can’t say that she doesn’t love Mendeecees. So, technically, no they still don’t seem to be legally married.

Did the Love and Hip-Hop reunion part 2 change your views of Yandy Smith? Does it seem like the “bitter baby mama club” members aren’t so bitter after all but telling the truth?