Woody McClain – White Women Comments

Woody McClain’s white women tweets have resurfaced and people aren’t happy.  McClain played Bobby Brown in The New Edition Story.  In the tweets, McClain states “white is right” and he says that black females are overrated.  The actor proclaims that when he’s famous, he’s dating white women only.

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McClain is becoming Bobby Brown.  The New Edition Story revealed Brown’s true character.  If you didn’t hate Bobby Brown before the mini-series, you most likely hated him after it.  Fans of McClain are attempting to protect him.  Some argue that his comments should be ignored since he has been dating a black woman for over 10 years.

Woody McClain White Women
Woody McClain White Women

The tweets remind me of Trick Daddy’s comments about black women and should be treated the exact same way.

Black women around the world came together after Trick Daddy’s ignorant comments.  Empowering messages were shared via social media each time Trick Daddy’s comments were mentioned.  There’s nothing like making lemonade out of life’s lemons.

Woody’s comments will have a negative impact on his career.  While some have forgiven the young actor, others will never forget.  As an actor, Woody must understand that he’s a role model.  Children look up to him and try to be like him.

What do you think about Woody’s statements? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.