Will Smith’s Newest Movie Bright Is Headed To Netflix (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Will Smith hasn’t exactly been racking in the dough at the box office lately. Though Suicide Squad made some cash, it wasn’t exactly the best superhero film we’ve ever seen. Also, Smith’s most recent film Collateral Beauty was pretty much the biggest flop of life both at the box office and among critics. Still, these setbacks aren’t stopping the former Fresh Prince who has teamed back up with Suicide Squad director David Ayer for the Netflix crime/fantasy/thriller, Bright.

The teaser trailer for the film debuted on TV last night during the Oscars and from what we can tell, it looks like a mix between Men in Black and I, Robot. Netflix hasn’t released too many deets on Bright yet, but we do know that Smith plays a cop in a futuristic world where orcs and fairies live among people. It actually looks pretty intriguing. Joel Edgerton who starred in Loving this past year will be Smith’s co-star. The film is set to drop on Netflix in December (and word on the street is Netflix paid $90 million for it.) We just hope it’s good.  Check out the teaser for yourself below.