Why Is Diddy In The Hospital?

Why is Diddy in the hospital? The music mogul is recovering from knee surgery.  The 47-year-old posted numerous Instagram photos showing his kids visiting him while he bounces back from surgery.  The doctors told him he’ll never run again but Diddy will try to prove them wrong.  This isn’t the first time the Bad Boy Records founder and CEO has been in the hospital.

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In 2012, the entrepreneur, whose real name is Sean Combs, was rushed to the hospital because of a massive migraine.  In July 2015 he had knee surgery.  Prior to the surgery, Diddy fell through the stage at the BET Awards.  He needed surgery on his knee before his tumble at the award show.  He ignored his knee from 2013-2015.  He has now had two major knee surgeries in two years.

The picture below shows Diddy and his sons, Justin and Christian.  We have seen Quincy but we’re sure he’ll visit Diddy in the hospital.

Why Is Diddy In The Hospital?
Why Is Diddy In The Hospital?

The following Instagram post shows Diddy’s daughters.

The following image shows Diddy with flowers he received from French Montana.

A photo posted by DIDDY (@diddy) on Feb 2, 2017 at 8:32pm PST
Diddy is one of the hardest workers in the music industry and can’t nobody hold him down. We’ll be praying for the music mogul!