Why Are People Boycotting Lady Gaga?

Why are people boycotting Lady Gaga? People are boycotting Lady Gaga because of speculation regarding her Super Time half time show calling out Donald Trump.  At a press conference on Thursday, February 2, 2017, the singer explained that she is passionate about inclusion and equality.  Many Trump supporters jumped to the conclusion that Lady Gaga’s performance will be anti-Trump.

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The world is coming together during these uncertain times.  While there has been some positivity some people have reacted in a negative manner.  Since Trump was elected there has been an increase in hate crimes.  The state of the nation leaves Lady Gaga with a difficult decision.  There’s no making everyone happy.

Why Are People Boycotting Lady Gaga?
Why Are People Boycotting Lady Gaga?

If Gaga’s performance calls out Trump, the president’s supporters will react passionately.  If she ignores the president’s recent actions, many of the singer’s fans may turn their backs on her.

The tweet above shows Katy Perry sending Lady Gaga words of encouragement.

The above tweet shows Trump supporters hoping that Lady Gaga won’t politicize the Super Bowl.

The tweet above expresses how influential Lady Gaga’s performance will be.  The Super Bowl’s commercials and halftime show receives more attention than the football game.  Last year, Beyonce received massive love and hate for her #BlackLivesMatter halftime performance.
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