Who Is Jerry On The Walking Dead? Cooper Andrews

In episode 10 of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, we first see Jerry standing with Morgan, Ezekiel, Benjamin, Richard and a woman from the Kingdom.  The group waits for the Saviors and the woman shoots a zombie with her bow and arrow.

Jerry makes an additional appearance in the episode.  Benjamin shows off the skills he learned from sensei and Jerry tells him he’s “sick with the stick.” Finally, when Ezekiel and crew get to Carol’s house, we see Jerry deliver her some cobbler.

Jerry on The Walking Dead is played by actor, Cooper Andrews.  The 31-year-old was born on March 10, 1985 in the Smithtown neighborhood of Long Island, New York.  Prior to his appearance on The Walking Dead he appeared on Halt and Catch Fire as Yo-Yo Engberk.  In 2016, Andrews played Vance Pekelo on Hawaii Five-0.

Here’s some additional movies and TV shows Cooper has appeared in:

  • 2014-2016, Halt and Catch Fire, Yo-Yo Engberk
  • 2015, Limitless, Kenny Sumida
  • 2015, Assassinmas XVII, Buckets
  • 2015, The Red Road, Rowtag
  • 2016, Hawaii Five-0, Vance Pekelo
  • 2016, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, American
  • 2016, The Walking Dead, Jerry
Who Is Jerry On The Walking Dead?
Who Is Jerry On The Walking Dead?
On episode 2 of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, “The Well” we meet Jerry, King Ezekiel’s sidekick.  King Ezekiel is one of the franchise’s most popular characters yet this is the first time we’re seeing him on-screen.  The character is played by actor, Khary Payton.  Fans loved his tiger!
In the comic, he’s king of The Kingdom.  His pet tiger, Shiva, sadly ends up dying.  Ezekiel is actually a former zookeeper who appointed himself king.  He is best known for his grey dreadlocks and his cane.  Ezekiel meets Rick through Jesus because he wants The Kingdom, Alexandria and The Hilltop to come together to defeat Negan and The Saviors.

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