Who Died On Star? Jasmine Burke

Who died on Star? Jasmine’s Burke’s character, Danielle Jackson died in the “Infamous” episode of the series.  Gladys Knight speaks at Danielle’s funeral in episode 7, “Black Wherever I Go.” Scroll to the end of the article to hear Gladys’ emotional speech.  Danielle was Carlotta’s neighbor.  A police officer shot and killed her during a traffic stop.

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In the Instagram post below, Jasmine compares Danielle to Sandra Bland.  Like Empire, Star tackles police brutality.  On July 13, 2015, Bland was found hanged in her jail cell.  She was pulled over three days earlier by a state trooper in Hempstead, Texas.  Last year, the officer who pulled her over was fired.

Who Died On Star? Jasmine Burke
Who Died On Star? Jasmine Burke
The police officer, Brian Encinia, pulled Bland over for an improper lane change.  Bland was arrested after she assaulted Encinia.  The incident was recorded by the officer’s dashcam.  He was impatient with Bland and extended her detention without a reason to do so.

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Kelly Price sang at Danielle’s funeral.  I cried throughout her entire performance.  Price has a beautiful voice.  Lee Daniels has the confidence to examine controversial issues in his projects.  In Empire, Andre Lyon was moving out his house when he experienced police brutality.

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