What Was Beyonce’s Grammy Performance About? 2017

Beyonce’s 2017 Grammy performance was about motherhood.  She was introduced by her mother, Tina Knowles.  She then performed “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” from her 2016 album, Lemonade.  Scroll down to see her performance plus videos for the two songs.  After the Grammys DJ Khaled released his new song, “Shining” featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z.

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Beyonce’s performance celebrated birth, family and life as a whole.  Numerous images of Beyonce’s family were shown, including her daughter, Blue Ivy and her mother, Tina Knowles.  Beyonce and her sister Solange made their mother proud.  Tina has two Grammy award winning daughters!

What Was Beyonce's Grammy Performance About? 2017
What Was Beyonce’s Grammy Performance About? 2017

Solange won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance for “Cranes In The Sky.” The Knowles family took over the Grammys.  Blue Ivy is destined to be a star with all the inspiration she’s surrounded by.  We love how Beyonce includes Blue in multiple elements of her career.  Check out Beyonce’s Grammy performance:

Jay-Z recently collaborated with DJ Khaled to deliver the track “I Got The Keys.” Jay was obviously happy with the song because him and Beyonce have teamed up with Khaled for another track.  This time it’s all about confidence and pride.  Check out DJ Khaled’s new track “Shining” featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z:

Following the show, Beyonce released an official video for her song “Love Drought”:

Beyonce didn’t stop there.  She also released a video for “Sandcastles”: