Walking Dead – Junkyard Group, New Garbage Pail Kids

A new junkyard group captured Rick’s group in The Walking Dead‘s ninth episode of season 7, “Rock In The Road.” As Rick and crew enter a clearing, they are immediately surrounded by a group of garbage pail kids.  The group of survivors live in a junkyard with a fighting pit.  This is the first time the group has appeared on The Walking Dead.

The junkyard group doesn’t appear in the comics.  The group was so awesome, it made Rick smile.  Rick and crew were making progress but then Father Gabriel went missing.  Rick’s group travelled outside the Alexandrian gates to find Father Gabriel but then the junkyard group surrounded them with weapons.

Walking Dead Junkyard Group New Garbage Pail Kids
Walking Dead Junkyard Group New Garbage Pail Kids

We’re hoping Father Gabriel is still alive.  Walking Dead fans have been discussing the new group for months.

Walking Dead fans enjoyed the midseason premiere of the series.  You don’t know what you got until it’s gone!

The tweet below explains that Rick most likely smiled because he thinks the new group can help him.  The Hilltop and the Kingdom are Rick’s only help in the war against Negan.

The series needed another element that’s not connected to the comic books.  Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead!


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