Tom And Cyrus – Scandal, Brian Letscher

Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) receives a phone call from Tom Larsen (Brian Letscher) in Scandal‘s third episode of season 6, “Fates Worse Than Death.” Last season, Cyrus and Tom were in a brief relationship.  Cyrus eventually decides to get back with Micheal, ending his relationship with Tom.  Cyrus has moved on but Tom’s holding a grudge.

Tom calls Cyrus and threatens to expose him.  Tom feels used and tells Cyrus he will take everything away by telling on him.  In a flashback scene, we see Cyrus and Tom at a restaurant.  Tom tells Cyrus that he abandoned him.  They discuss Jennifer Fields, a videographer that joined Frankie’s campaign.  Cyrus doesn’t like her so Tom offers to take care of her.

Tom And Cyrus Scandal Brian Letscher
Tom And Cyrus Scandal Brian Letscher
Tom takes care of Jennifer and then meets with Cyrus.  Tom is addicted to Cyrus and offers to make him President of the United States.  Cyrus tells Tom that he wants to be the president.


Frankie finds out that Cyrus had Jennifer beat up and fires Cyrus.  Frankie tells Cyrus that he will have him locked up as soon as he becomes president.


Cyrus meets with Tom and we see just how crazy and power hungry Tom is.  Tom will do anything to see Cyrus become president but Cyrus is done with Tom.

Tom is a boss! He pulls a gun on Cyrus but doesn’t kill him.  He tells Cyrus that there are “Fates Worse Than Death.” Tom confesses to killing Frankie so Mellie becomes president of the United States!

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