The “Casshmeousside” girl wants 30k for an appearance, and she’s getting it!

We’re all familiar with the CasshmeOusside girl by now right? 13 year old Danielle Bregoli Made her controversial  debut on Dr. Phil as an out of control teen whose mother just couldn’t control anymore. When this happened neither Danielle or her mother knew she would blow into internet superstardom in the aftermath of it.

Cash Me Ousside Meme
Cash Me Ousside Meme

Meme’s of her catchphrase “CasshMeOusside Howboudat” flooded Facebook and other social media, Facebook live videos and even getting the attention of the rapper Kodak Black, whose music video Danielle starred in, and now she’s back.

Danielle was asked to do a meet and greet at The Rolling Loud Music festival, where she agreed to do it for 40k! Stating she now does appearances for a minimum of $30,000 for inside of the U.S and $40,000 for appearances “OUSSIDE” the U.S.

Who would have known that appearing on Dr. Phil would have cause such a social media uproar. Or even just appearing on the show would have made her this much money. I don’t know about anybody else but I want to see how far our society lets this go before they see how famous their making this teenage with a bad attitude.