Swift Girlfriend Asia Love And Hip Hop

Swift’s ex-girlfriend, Asia, makes an appearance on the Love and Hip Hop reunion.  Cardi B throws a shoe at Asia and it hits her in her chest.  Cardi tried to fight Asia but security refused to let it happen.  On a positive note, Swift apologizes to Asia for putting her through the most.  Cardi’s nosey tail shouldn’t have been looking at Swift’s text messages!

Swift Star’s girlfriend, Asia, appeared on Love and Hip Hop New York‘s two episode special.  Swift and Cardi B are working on new music in the studio and Cardi B is using Swift’s phone.  This was Swift’s first mistake but he explains that he always lets Cardi use his phone after her phone battery dies.

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Cardi flips when she sees text messages from Swift’s wifey, Asia.  Cardi hates when people talk trash about her and that’s exactly what Asia’s doing in the messages.  Cardi asks Swift about the messages and he reveals that they are from his girlfriend.  Swift and Asia are in a long-distance relationship.  Swift lives in New York while Asia lives in London.

Swift Girlfriend Asia Love And Hip Hop
Swift Girlfriend Asia Love And Hip Hop

“If a b***h beef with me we gon be foreva!” If you’ve heard Cardi’s classic track, “Foreva” then you know how important Swift is.  “Swift on demand” are the first words of the track.  Asia visits Swift and the couple have a heart-to-heart conversation about their relationship.  Swift tells her that he hasn’t cheated.

The couple met on Instagram and it has been difficult for Asia to trust Swift.  After dinner, Swift thinks that Asia is on a plane headed back to London but she surprises him in his hotel room.  Swift is with Cardi.  Asia and Cardi get into a fight and Swift gets frustrated.

After discussing the situation with her sister, Hennessy, Cardi realizes that she acted out and she apologizes to Swift.  Cardi swallows her pride but Swift’s not ready to start working with her again.