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Stevie J Look Alike – Gay? Bisexual?

A Stevie J look alike was spotted in a video clip and now people are saying the reality star is gay.  Don’t believe the lies.  Stevie J is not gay or bisexual.  This isn’t the first time we’ve heard these rumors.  His “wife” Joseline Hernandez started spreading lies about his sexual preference a few years back.

We now know that Joseline is not a trustworthy person.  Hernandez lied to Mimi Faust about Promise B. Mae in the last season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.  Joseline aka Shenellica Bettencourt, acted immature by bragging about the lie.  She also lied about Stevie molesting his daughter.  There’s nothing she won’t do for attention.

Stevie J Look Alike, Gay? Bisexual?
Stevie J Look Alike, Gay? Bisexual?
The following tweet reminds us how much Stevie has done for hip-hop.  The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the most talented rappers to ever touch a microphone and Stevie helped him deliver numerous classics.

Social media has taken over the world.  Fake news has been a major part of social media and something must be done.  The following tweet proves that people actually believe the lies they read online.

I would love to hear more of Stevie’s stories about Biggie.  We didn’t have enough time with Christopher Wallace to develop a true understanding of who he was.

Stevie is currently focused on Biggie’s ex-wife, Faith Evans.  What does he have to do to prove he’s not gay or bisexual?

By Jason John

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