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Soulja Boy – Having A Baby?

The Soulja Boy baby rumors are back.  The rapper is a marketing genius.  The 26-year-old rapper doesn’t like when he’s not in the news.  He doesn’t release new music instead he creates fake news.  He posted a fake sonogram and then posted a video, explaining what happened.  The rapper learned a thing or two during his time on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Soulja Boy Baby Mama

Who is Soulja Boy having a baby with? As explained above, the rapper isn’t expecting a baby.  The last woman Soulja Boy dated was Brittish Williams.  While the rapper makes some horrible decisions, we have to give him credit for not having multiple baby mamas.

Soulja Boy Having A Baby?
Soulja Boy Having A Baby?

Nia Riley

Nia Riley was the last serious relationship Soulja Boy was in.  He loved her and almost got himself locked up for threatening her.  Their inability to get along led to Soulja Boy’s departure from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Soulja Boy’s marketing strategy may seem effective but there are some people that are tired of it.

The rapper built his career by annoying people.  In a recent interview, Soulja Boy explains how he used Limewire to gain his initial fame.  He uploaded his music under false titles.  The rapper used the titles of the songs on the Billboard list to force people to listen to his music.

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