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Solange – Hollywood Bowl

Solange will perform at the Hollywood Bowl on September 24, 2017.  The Grammy-award winning singer is making headlines for comments she made about her sister, Beyonce’s Grammy-snub.  The sad part is that Beyonce most likely doesn’t care about not winning the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Solange used Twitter to share her thoughts about her sister not being recognized for her Lemonade album.  She pointed out that there have only been two black Grammy-award winners for Album of the Year in the last 20 years.  Solange further pointed out that over 200 black artists have performed.

Solange Hollywood Bowl
Solange Hollywood Bowl

Solange pulled a Kanye West.  The BeyHive is gonna make people hate Beyonce.  While Lemonade was a classic, Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins.  The last thing she needs is stress.  Solange’s comments will lead people to respond.  The nation is currently divided.  The racial tension continues to worsen and Solange shouldn’t make any comments to generate negativity.

Beyonce will not be able to ignore insults towards her sister.  Solange shouldn’t have made the comments while her sister’s pregnant with twins.  The Knowles family should stay off social media until Beyonce gives birth to the Carter twins.  Solange’s comments had no chance of changing the results, therefore they shouldn’t have been made.

By Jason John

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