Sky From Black Ink Crew – Mother, Sons

In episode 5 of Black Ink Crew‘s fifth season, “Serving Wedding Realness” we see Sky discuss her family.  This article presents information about Sky’s mother and her sons.  The episode starts with Sky fighting Tiffany.  Sky had to get stitches after the altercation.  According to Sky, she hit her head on the shop’s door.

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Ceaser calls Sky out for fighting Tiffany and Sky breaks down.  Sky explains that her children are not in her life so her mother is the only member of her family that she has a relationship with.  Sky’s mother is struggling with bipolar disorder and she’s currently missing.

Sky From Black Ink Crew Mother Sons
Sky From Black Ink Crew Mother Sons

Sky hasn’t spoken to her mother in months and she’s not on her medication.  Ceaser offers to help Sky find her mother.  He has known Sky for a long time and says that he has seen this behavior from her before.

When Sky was 14-years-old, she gave birth to two sons that she had to give up for adoption.  Sky explains that she chose to give them up because she couldn’t provide for them.  She knows how being abandoned feels.

If she would have established a relationship with her boys she would have done more harm than good.  Sky wouldn’t have been able to afford to provide for her sons so she would have eventually been forced to give them up.

The tweet above gives Ceaser credit for helping Sky out.  Sky has a unique personality and Ceaser is about his business.  Ceaser was still willing to drive around the Bronx to look for Sky’s mother.

The video below shows Sky and Tiffany’s fight:

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