Sky And Tiffany Fight – Black Ink Crew

Sky and Tiffany fight in next week’s episode of Black Ink CrewScroll to the video at then end of this post to see Tiffany send Sky to the hospital.  Sky starts the episode by calling Tiffany out for talking trash about Dutchess.  Although Tiffany has been in multiple fights, Sky gets in her face and dares her to do something.

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Dutchess tries to bring order back to the original Black Ink location and warns the employees about fighting.  Tiffany is a warrior so it will take more than a warning to stop her from fighting.  The reality star has experience some very difficult times.  We see an emotional side of her when she attends a family event dedicated to her aunt.

Sky And Tiffany Fight Black Ink Crew
Sky And Tiffany Fight Black Ink Crew

Tiffany’s aunt passed away from domestic violence.  She was shot and killed by her boyfriend.  Tiffany lived with her aunt and her boyfriend in Miami and explains that they weren’t getting along.  Tiffany didn’t feel comfortable being around her aunt and boyfriend while they argued so she moved back to New Jersey.  A few weeks after she moved, her aunt was sadly murdered.

Tiffany announced that she has Maino coming in for a tattoo and Sky starts hating.  Sky gets into Tiffany’s face and Tiffany calls Sky out for hitting on her.  Sky flips and tells Tiffany not to flatter herself.

Tiffany leaves the shop and Dutchess has to convince her to come back to give Maino a tattoo.  Check out the video below to see the two ladies fight!

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