Oscars 2017: What Did you Think About Justin Timberlake’s New Haircut?

Justin Timberlake New Haircut
Justin Timberlake New Haircut

Although the Oscars are
supposed to be the night to celebrate the greatest achievements in Hollywood
throughout the year, there is one thing on everyone’s mind besides talking
about who is winning what. What is that one thing? The way the stars are dressed
and how their hair looks.
This is why everyone
was ready to tweet what they thought of Justin
Timberlake’s hair
last night as soon as they saw him with his new haircut. Everyone
already knows about the phases of looks the singer has been through since his
days with the boy band, NSYNC. He had
that cute curly hairstyle back then. But what did you think about the haircut
he came with last night?

Many people had some
things to say about it when they saw it. Many people did not like his newhaircut. Before he came on stage to perform his new song, the song from his new
movie, ‘Trolls,’ he walked the red carpet with actress and wife, Jessica Biel.
While everyone loved how Biel looked in a stunning head-to-toe gold dress, most
people didn’t like Timberlake’s new haircut. 
What did you think about it? Don’t
be shy. Let us know in the comments!