Nicki Minaj – Ebro Darden, Twitter Remy Ma Beef

Did Nicki Minaj cheat on her man with Ebro? In Remy Ma’s diss track, “shETHER” she claims that Nicki cheated on either Meek Mill or Safaree Samuels.  Meek Mill told Nicki that Safaree cheated on her, leading Minaj to break up with Samuels.  Remy Ma is most likely referring to Meek Mill.  Remy’s either starting rumors or exposing Nicki.

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Trey Songz And Nicki Minaj

Remy claims that Nicki slept with Trey Songz.  The rapper, whose real name is Reminisce Mackie proclaims that Nicki’s sexual relations with Trey mark the only time she has touched a trigga.

Nicki Minaj Ebro Darden Twitter Remy Ma Beef
Nicki Minaj Ebro Darden Twitter Remy Ma Beef

Minaj called Trey out on Twitter.  She wasn’t happy with Trey’s response to Remy’s claims:

Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Twitter
Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Twitter

Meek Mill – Did Nicki Minaj’s Ass Drop?

Remy claims that Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill exposed Nicki at the NBA All-Star Game.  According to Remy, Meek revealed that Nicki’s ass dropped and they couldn’t have sex for 3 months.  In 2014, there were rumors about Minaj’s implants popping during her Fashion Rocks performance.

🤦🏽‍♀️ yikes.
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Did Nicki Have Sex With Drake?

Remy also called Nicki out for allegedly hooking up with Drake.  She calls Minaj out for taking a picture with the Toronto rapper after breaking up with his enemy, Meek Mill.  Remy claims that Nicki started the beef between Meek and Drake.

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