New Netflix film Burning Sands takes a hard look at Black Frats

There is a new film coming to Netflix on March 10th that is sure to stir up some buzz. The film is entitled “Burning Sands”. It stars ‘Moonlight’s’ breakthrough star Trevante Rhodes. The film tackles the subject of hazing in African American frats.

The film takes a hard look at the pledging process in these black fraternities. It dares the viewer to ask is it worth it? Is it worth it to go through Hell week and get beaten up or lose one’s dignity just to gain a brother hood of sorts.

Hazing is an issue with black frats.  In 2014 alone, black fraternity members were arrested at the University of Central Arkansas for paddling and being pelted with raw eggs. Six members of another black fraternity were arrested for paddling that sent one student to the hospital for a month. And at the University of Georgia, 11 black fraternity members were arrested after allegedly lining up potential new members along a wall and striking them.

The new Netflix film Burning Sands will certainly be a timely film that dares to tackle big issues. Trevante Rhodes will certainly give a strong performance and make viewers think about the topic matter.