Migos – Sean Kingston Shot? Dead?

The rumors that Sean Kingston got shot are false.  The singer is not dead.  According to Twitter, Kingston got jumped by the Migos.  Twitter is having a field day with this one.  When there’s no interesting news, fake news is created and shared via social media.  The story is almost believable because of Kingston’s previous beef with rapper, The Game.

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According to Twitter, the incident took place in a Las Vegas parking lot.  When The Game and Meek Mill were beefing, Kingston went out of his way to include himself.  He forgot that he was a singer and didn’t need to be a tough guy.  Kingston recently called out Soulja Boy.  While Soulja Boy isn’t tough he does own a Draco that he loves showing off.

Migos Sean Kingston Shot?
Migos Sean Kingston Shot?

Soulja Boy was beefing with Quavo and Quavo simply ignored multiple threats.  Kingston should have followed Quavo’s lead and ignored Soulja Boy’s rants.

The tweet above explains how random this Sean Kingston news is.  The best fake news is typically unbelievable.  Soulja Boy generally creates rumors about himself so he’s always trending.  Do you think Kingston pulled a Soulja Boy?

Again, Migos didn’t jump Sean Kingston.  The singer did not get shot and he’s not dead.