Love And Hip Hop Reunion – Fight

Love and Hip Hop‘s reunion featured multiple fights.  Scroll to the videos below to see who threw down.  Part 2 of the reunion will be more intense than part 1.  Yandy Smith’s sister makes a surprise appearance, letting Samantha Wallace know the deal.  There were plenty of security guards at the Love and Hip Hop reunion but not enough to control the show’s crazy cast members.

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Cardi B vs Asia

Asia, Swift’s ex-girlfriend, Asia made an appearance on the reunion.  Cardi B called her out for insulting her on social media.  Cardi cares way too much about what people think and say about her.  Now that she’s a star, she has to stop taking insults so seriously.  Cardi throws a shoe at Asia, but security made sure they didn’t fight.

Love And Hip Hop Reunion Fight
Love And Hip Hop Reunion Fight

Cisco vs Rich Dollaz

The Creep Squad isn’t as tight as they used to be.  There was a disagreement over who actually started the crew.  Cisco and Peter Gunz finally squashed their beef.  Cisco gives Peter a check and Peter gives it to his baby mama, Tara Wallace.  While Cisco and Peter are getting along, Cisco and Rich Dollaz hate each other.  Cisco tries to fight Rich Dollaz but security breaks it up.

Sky vs Bianca

DJ Drewski’s ladies, Sky and Bianca, still haven’t squashed their beef.  In part 2 of the reunion we’ll see Bianca make it rain on Sky.  The ladies don’t end up fighting but they throw each other shade.  Drewski proposes to Sky during part 2 of the reunion!

DJ Drewski Proposes to Sky
DJ Drewski Proposes to Sky

Yandy vs Erika and Samantha

Yandy, Erika and Samantha still hate each other.  Mendeecees needs to get out of jail to calm his baby mamas down!

Which fight do you think was the best? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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