Lady Gaga – Wardrobe Malfunction Super Bowl 2017

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 2017 wardrobe malfunction occurred while the singer was taking pictures before the game.  Donald Trump supporters were happy about the singer’s performance.  There were rumors that Lady Gaga would call the president out during the halftime show but that didn’t happen.  The singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is being praised for an unforgettable performance.

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Donald Trump supporters weren’t the only people happy about Gaga’s performance.  People that remember Janet Jackson’s 2004 performance were happy that the singer didn’t experience any wardrobe issues.  While Lady Gaga didn’t have any problems during her performance, she did have a wardrobe malfunction before the game:

Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction Super Bowl 2017
Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction Super Bowl 2017

The tweet below discusses the singer’s performance.  It’s amazing to see how many viewers still expect wardrobe issues.

We’re glad she didn’t have any wardrobe issues during her live performance.  Kids that watched Janet Jackson’s halftime performance were traumatized after Justin Timberlake exposed the singer’s chest.

I didn’t pay much attention to the actual football game.  I enjoyed the halftime show and the commercials.  Lady Gaga gained a substantial amount of new fans by playing it safe during her performance.  If she would have used the platform to make a political statement, the backlash would have been uncontrollable.

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