Kevin Durant – Mahogany Prime Steakhouse OKC

Kevin Durant visited the Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City after his Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The restaurant is known for its custom-aged U.S. Prime Midwestern Beef steaks.  Durant was seated near his former teammate, Russell Westbrook, yet the two didn’t speak to each other.

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Last month, Durant’s representatives contacted Mahogany’s owner, Dave Osborn, to rent the restaurant out after the Warriors vs. Thunder game.  Durant’s request was denied.  Kevin and a few of his Warriors teammates still ended up at the restaurant after the game.  Mahogany would have made $40,000 if they rented out the entire restaurant but Osborn didn’t make that mistake.

Kevin Durant Mahogany Prime Steakhouse OKC
Kevin Durant Mahogany Prime Steakhouse OKC

The following tweet explains that Durant’s request was denied.  The restaurant considered the big picture.  Now that KD is hated in OKC, renting the restaurant out to him would have been bad for business.

While KD and Westbrook were only 15 feet apart, they were in different sections of the steakhouse.  The former teammates hate each other.  They exchanged fighting words during Saturday night’s game.

We’re glad KD still decided to eat at the restaurant after his request to rent it out was denied.  He needs to implement the same maturity to make up with Westbrook.

The Golden State Warriors are looking better than ever.  They’ll most likely play the Cleveland Cavaliers in this year’s NBA Championship.  Do you think Westbrook will ever forgive Durant? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!