Kerrin Randolph Gets Dragged by Cops

In New York, MTA police arrested a disabled man in New York City’s Grand Central Station. Kerrin Randolph, the man in question, was simply charging his wheel chair. Kerrin Randolph claims the officers wrote him a ticket for committing “theft of services” before cuffing him and standing him up.
Randolph says that one of the cops said “You can walk”. Randolph fell to the ground. This led to an MTA police officer grabbing him by the handcuffs and literally dragging him across the floor. Randolph suffered numerous injuries at the hands of the MTA police.
An article in the New York Daily News stated that the MTA did not comment on pending litigation. A civil rights lawsuit was filed against the MTA police on behalf of Randolph. The reality is that he suffered numerous injuries while in their custody including falling on his face because he was not secure in his wheel chair. He was taken to a local medical hospital to care for his injuries.
Police brutality is still a tough issue in this country. Ferguson, Eric Garner and other police brutality events immediately come to mind. Ultimately, we as a society will see if anything truly changes from this incident.