Jazz Raycole – The Quad

Jazz Raycole plays Sydney Fletcher on The Quad.  The BET series follows the life of Dr. Eva Fletcher (Anika Noni Rose), Sydney’s mother on the show.  The series is set at the fictitious Georgia A&M University.  Dr. Fletcher lands a position as president of GAMU after being turned down by several Ivy League schools.

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Sydney and her mother don’t get along.  In a flashback, we see Sydney’s parents in a heated argument.  Sydney’s father, Derek is a judge.  Sydney wants to live with her father but she’s forced to attend GAMU where she won’t have to pay tuition.  Initially, Sydney doesn’t live in the dorms but then she meets Madison Kelly (Michelle DeFraites).

Jazz Raycole The Quad
Jazz Raycole The Quad

Sydney tells her mother that Madison is an engineering major to convince her to allow her to move into her dorm.

At a house party, we see Sydney in a bra and skirt.  She plays a stripping game and ends up passing out.

The partygoers aren’t sure if Sydney’s drunk or dead but luckily Kelly is there to make sure she gets home safely.

Jazz Raycole was born on February 11, 1988 and is currently 28-years-old.  She grew up in Stockton, California where she took dancing very seriously.  She is best known for her role as Claire Kyle in My Wife and Kids.  

Where Is The Quad Filmed?

The Quad in filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.  The series started filming there in October 2016.
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