Is Wale Gay? Rumors – Exposed?

The rumors about Wale being gay are false.  A user on Instagram is spreading a lie about the rapper’s sexual preference.  The user posted a picture of a person that resembles Wale as proof that the rapper was gay.  Last year, Wale and his daughter, Chloe Alexis, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Zyla Moon Oluwakemi.

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The rapper, whose real name is Olubowale Akintimehin, teamed up with Lil Wayne for his new single, “Running Back.” Scroll to the end of this article to see the video for the track.  Wale also released a visual for his song “Groundhog Day”, his response to J. Cole’s track, “False Prophets.”

Is Wale Gay? Rumors, Exposed?

Here’s the pic being shared on social media regarding Wale’s sexual preference.

In the tweet below, Wale explains how thirsty some people are for drama.  The image is a reach to say the least.  Fake news continues to ruin the Internet.

Wale is handling the situation well but Twitter is being childish about the rumor, as expected.

Wale’s Shine album should be released this year.  The first single, “My PYT” was an instant hit.  Wale has had a countless number of classic songs yet he doesn’t receive the credit he deserves.  Some of my favorite tracks include “No Hands”, “Bad” and “Lotus Flower Bomb.”