Is Porsha Stewart Pregnant? 2017 – Williams Boyfriend Todd

Is Porsha Stewart pregnant? The reality star has been hiding her stomach on Instagram lately and she might be pregnant!  She’s currently in a relationship with Todd Stewart.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9, episode 14, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” showed Porsha trying to motivate Todd.  He recently lost his job and hasn’t found another one.

Porsha recently appeared on the Star TV series.  While we loved seeing her on the series, Todd most likely complained about it.  He has been calling Porsha out because of her busy schedule.

Is Porsha Stewart Pregnant? 2017 Williams Boyfriend Todd

Porsha is a hard working, independent woman.  She needs to leave Todd if he can’t handle her busy schedule.

While we all know Porsha’s crazy, the above tweet explains that something isn’t right about Todd.  He doesn’t like making eye contact with people and makes awkward facial expressions on a regular basis.

Kandi And Porsha Fight

Forget Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s fight.  The rumble we really want to see is Porsha vs. Kandi!

The last episode proved that the two ladies have matured.  They hate each other but didn’t end up fighting.  Porsha called Kandi out for being a lesbian but Kandi clapped back.  Kandi revealed that Porsha is a lesbian who offered to have sexual relations with Kandi!

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