Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant? 2018 Baby Bump

Is Nicki Minaj pregnant? 2018 is the year of baby bumps and Minaj didn’t want to be left out.  Nicki posted the following pic of herself with a huge baby bump.  The picture was obviously a joke but some of her fans were convinced that she’s pregnant.  She hasn’t made many public appearances lately but we saw her without a baby bump about a month ago.

While the picture is fake, Nicki could be pregnant.  She recently broke up with rapper, Meek Mill but they could be expecting a baby together.  A few weeks ago there were rumors that Nicki and Meek were back together.

Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant? 2017 Baby Bump
Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant? 2017 Baby Bump

Last week, Nicki’s house was robbed and people began blaming Meek.  In the video below, Meek shows off his jewelry and asks if he looks like he robs people.

The rapper shows off $450,000 worth of diamond necklaces.  Someone asks the rapper if he has spoken to Nicki since the robbery and Meek tells the person that they’re asking too many questions about his personal life.

We’re only in the second month of 2017 and things are changing fast.  Nicki and Drake reunited and her and Meek might be done for good.  What do you think about the baby bump picture Nicki posted? Is she too thirsty for attention or did you find the pics amusing? Let us know in the comment section below.