Is Mona Scott Young Sabotaging Love And Hip-Hop Stars For Ratings?

We all know that some reality TV can be fake to a certain extent. However, Mona Scott Young has been being accused of leaving the stars of Love and Hip-Hop in the dark when it comes to how they will be portrayed on the series.

Is Mona Scott Young Sabotaging Love And Hip Hop?
Is Mona Scott Young Sabotaging Love And Hip Hop?

If you tuned into the Love and Hip-Hop: New York reunion part 2 last night you would know that Yandy Smith was exposed in multiple lies. The first was when audience members  rushed the stage and attacked Mendeecees’ first baby mother, Samantha Wallace. Yandy Claimed multiple times that she didn’t know what happened or who it was but producers let both Samantha and the viewers know that it was someone known to Yandy. The second lie was when throughout the season and at the reunion Yandy claimed to have no idea that her best friend Kimbella went to a birthday party for little Mendeecees and got into a heated argument with Samantha and her mom. Well that was also an “alternative fact” because the host, Nina Parker, played a conversation that Yandy and Kimbella had before she even stepped in the party.

Of course after the reunion aired fans and cast members alike to to social media to address Yandy being caught in her lies, but one fan defended Yandy with a comment that read:

“What were you supposed to say when she snatched Samantha Yandy. Oh that’s my sister? My momma could have done it and my reaction would have been the same. ‘I ain’t see s*** and I don’t know her. Mona I feel did her best this season to make you look bad. Watch out for her a***”

The comment was liked by Yandy herself which in these days basically means that she was agreeing about what was said.

Maybe Mona did sabotage Yandy because she wanted to get back at her for making everyone believe that she and Mendeecees were married in that expensive marriage special when it turns out they aren’t actually legally married.

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time Mona has been called out. Cardi B ranted earlier in the season that she didn’t like how they made her seem when the girls took that trip. You know, the one where Cardi B, Hennessey, and Mariah Lynn “crashed” the trip to hang out with Bianca. Well according to Cardi she was asked to come on that trip and it made it seem like she was unwanted. Maybe Mona’s portrayal of her stars is one of the reasons Cardi is leaving the show in addition to signing a multi-million dollar record deal.

What do you think? Is Yandy just made because she’s been exposed or is Mona to blame? Maybe a bit of both?