Ira Peskowitz – Danielle Bregoli Father, Cash Me Outside

Danielle Bregoli’s father, Ira Peskowitz, is a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County, Florida.  The “Catch Me Outside How Bow Dah” girl’s father is the law! Ira loves tennis and helped create a program to help kids learn to play tennis.  Ira isn’t happy about his daughter’s new fame and describes Danielle’s behavior as unacceptable.

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Ira attended Syosset High School located in Syosset, New York.  Along with disapproving his daughter’s actions, the 49-year-old insulted Dr. Phil.  Danielle tells Dr. Phil that her father abandoned her but Ira says that’s a lie.  He explains that him and Danielle’s mother had a major custody battle.

Ira Peskowitz Danielle Bregoli Father Cash Me Outside
Ira Peskowitz Danielle Bregoli Father Cash Me Outside

According to Ira, Danielle’s mother, Barbara made it very difficult for Ira to visit Danielle.  Peskowitz pays over $1000 a month in child support yet he never sees his daughter.  Danielle’s mother and father were unable to agree on a visitation arrangement so Danielle grew up without an active father figure in her life.

Danielle recently returned to The Dr. Phil Show where she gained more fame.  She told Dr. Phil that she’s responsible for his fame.  She compared herself to Oprah because she helped Dr. Phil get so much attention.  I would love to see Danielle and her father reunite and work on their relationship.

In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Ira says that he would love to hug Danielle one day and hear her say that she loves him.  Court documents show that Ira cheated on Danielle’s mother when Danielle was only 4 months old.

There one important lesson the Cash Me Ousside girl’s fame teaches us: Kids needs their fathers.  Danielle is acting out to fill the void of not having a relationship with her father.  Her personality cannot handle rejection so to deal with she disobeys her mother.