How Has Chance The Rapper Never Sold A Song?

Chance the Rapper never sold a song! How has he done it? The Chicago rapper gives his music away for free.  He could sign a major record deal but he enjoys being free to do whatever he wants.  He makes money from his merchandise and touring.  The “3” New Era fitted hat he’s always wearing is one of his most popular items.

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Chance the Rapper makes some money from streaming services but not enough to feed his family.  Chance doesn’t sell his music because of the exposure he receives from giving it away for free.  We love free stuff and tend to share it more.  There’s nothing better than not being forced to add a credit card to listen to music.

Chance The Rapper Never Sold A Song
How Has Chance The Rapper Never Sold A Song?

Not selling music gives Chance a great self-image.  He’s a giver who raps over gospel music.  His positive self-image has made endorsement deals like Kit Kat possible.

He also has an endorsement deal with Nike.

Chance keeps his community satisfied by giving his music away for free.  The United States is not what it used to be.  The economy is still recovering as people work hard every day to survive.  The music industry has also changed, making it more difficult for artists to earn money.

Chance is a good person.  He enjoys the love he receives from fans who appreciate his free music.  Chance gives his music away for free by be comfortable with leaving some money on the table.  He doesn’t lost sleep thinking about financial opportunities he could have taken advantage of.