Heather Sanders Snapchat Username – Engaged

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Kylie Jenner’s friend, Heather Sanders is engaged.  On February 2, 2017, Heather celebrated her 27th birthday.  Her baby daddy, King T-Rell proposed to her and Sanders said yes! The couple have a beautiful daughter named Zoe Sykes Meeks.  King T-Rell is Tyga’s best friend.  We’re expecting Tyga to propose to Kylie very soon.

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Last year, Heather made headlines after bringing her and T-Rell’s daughter to a Tyga concert.  Zoe was only 3-months-old and shouldn’t have been in that environment.  People don’t know how to act at concerts.  Marijuana is smoked and fights erupt.  Zoe could have been hurt.

Heather Sanders Snapchat username is HeavieSanders:

Heather Sanders Snapchat Username Engaged
Heather Sanders Snapchat Username Engaged

In 2015, Heather and Blac Chyna were involved in a Snapchat feud.  Heather and T-Rell were discussing hairlines and Blac Chyna jumped to the conclusion that they were talking about her.  Blac Chyna called Heather out for having a “fat gut” and Heather clapped back by insulting Chyna’s plastic surgery.

Kylie and Heather are friends and Blac Chyna’s now a part of the Kardashian family.  Blac Chyna and Heater should be able to move passed their issues considering the amount of time that has passed.  Both ladies have matured since then.