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Future Vs Rocko – Beef, Lawuit, Royalties

The Future vs Rocko beef is coming to an end.  In 2011, Future signed with A1 Recordings, Rocko’s record label.  Future agreed to release 6 albums on A1 Recordings but failed to do so.  He decided to breach his contract with Rocko after Epic Records was named the main distributor.  Future and Rocko have been friends for years but money has ruined their relationship.

Last year, Future called Rocko out for being a snitch.  Rocko claimed that Future cheated him out of millions.  Future settled the lawsuit by giving up all royalties for his next two albums.  Rocko will also receive half Future’s touring revenue for the next two years.  This explains why Chance the Rapper is trying to remain an independent artist.

Future Vs Rocko Beef Lawsuit Royalties
Future Vs Rocko Beef Lawsuit Royalties

While Rocko is no longer friends with Future, the music executive wants to see him do well.  For the next two years, Future’s money is Rocko’s money.  Rocko is Team Future.  He recently posted the following image, promoting Future’s new album:

A post shared by DON ROCKO C.E.O. 🅰1️⃣ (@rocko2real) on Feb 14, 2017 at 5:54am PST

Who Is Rocko?

Rocko is best known for his 2009 hit, “Umma Do Me”:

The rapper, whose real name is Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr., was born on December 28, 1979 and is currently 37-years-old.  He has two kids with singer, Monica.  Rocko is a happy man right now because Future is in high-demand.  Future’s Summer Sixteen tour with Drake was the highest grossing hip hop tour of all-time.

The video below shows Future call Rocko out for suing him:

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