Fat Trel Baby Mother – Locked Up, Martel Reeves Arrested 2017

A few years back, Fat Trel’s baby mother, Chrissy went on a Twitter rant, airing out the DMV rapper.  Chrissy was allegedly upset after breaking up with the Maybach Music artist.  She posted tweets revealing that Blac Chyna and Trel hooked up while Chyna was in a relationship with Tyga.  Chrissy claims that Chyna and Tyga’s son, King, was taking a nap while her and Trel hooked up.

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In 2016, Fat Trel was arrested multiple times.  In March 2016, he was arrested for using fake bills at Live! Casino in Maryland.  A month later, Fat Trel was arrested on DWI, narcotics distribution, speeding and driving on a revoked license.  The Instagram post below was shared on his account today.

Fat Trel Baby Mother Locked Up Martel Reeves Arrested 2017
Fat Trel Baby Mother Locked Up Martel Reeves Arrested 2017

The post below shows Fat Trel in court and shares his mailing address for fan to write him:

Martrel Reeves
1901 E Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

A post shared by fat_gleesh (@fat_gleesh) on Feb 24, 2017 at 4:18pm PST

He’s currently locked up in D.C.’s Correctional Treatment Facility.  In the video above, the rapper explains that he’ll be home soon.  He has a jury trial scheduled for March 7, 2017.  We hope he beats the charges so he can focus on creating new music.

Fat Trel has been through it all.  He was homeless before becoming a rapper.  If he practices patience, he could become a respected artist like fellow DMV MMG rapper, Wale.