Donald Royce – Florida Man Shoots Wife Over Sex

Donald Royce is the 76-year-old Florida man who shot his wife over sex.  Royce tried to shoot the mattress but he shot his 62-year-old wife, Lehigh Acres in the butt.  Donald and Lehigh have only been married for 6 months.  We’re hoping Lehigh divorces Donald as soon as possible! Scroll to the video at the end of this article for additional details.

Royce was charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon.  Lehigh is currently recovering at Lee Memorial Hospital in Southwest Florida.  The couple will most likely get a divorce but this situation doesn’t reflect U.S. marriage trends.  Divorce rates are decreasing and marriage rates are increasing.

Donald Royce Florida Man Shoots Wife Over Sex
Donald Royce Florida Man Shoots Wife Over Sex

Sadly, domestic violence statistics are terrifying.  The majority of marriages experience violence.  The Domestic Violence Intervention Program reveals that more than two-thirds of marriages include some violence.

Studies prove that there are no differences amongst races when it comes to domestic violence statistics.  White, Black and Hispanic households experience the same amount of domestic violence.

Marriage and divorce rates vary in different groups.  Educated, wealthy people get married and remain together at higher rates than those who struggle financially and lack education.  Donald Royce teaches us that if you’re in a unhealthy relationship, get out of it fast!

By Jason John

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