Did Dakota Johnson Really Try to Flirt with Jamie Dornan at the Oscar’s?

Don’t freak out over
it! It is almost as if they were just messing with the people in the audience
and at home watching. Did you see Dakota Johnson try to flirt with Jamie Dornan
as they took the stage together to announce the winner of ‘La La Land?’
Although it may have
seemed awkward at first, it was just another day for the co-stars of ‘Fifty
Shades Darker’ to flirt with each other. After all, they do more than flirt
together in the movie so how could this be awkward for them or us?
The so-called flirting
happened when Johnson told Dornan he looked familiar to her and he said to her,
“I’m sure I do.” This playful banter between the two happened right in front of
Dornan’s wife who is surely used to it by now.
After Johnson and
Dornan flirted with each other a little, Dornan then started announcing the
nominees for the next award with his sexy voice.
What do you think about
these two playfully flirting with each other? Do you think Dornan’s wife got
mad? Probably not because like mentioned above, she is probably used to it.

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