Devon Glaze – Trevor Thornton, Con Artist

Devon Glaze aka Trevor Thornton is a con artist who targets single women.  The video at the end of this post features Glaze’s latest victim, a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland.  “Devon Glaze” is the criminal’s alias name.  His real name is Trevor Devon Thornton.  He’s currently using the name “Charles” on the Tinder dating app.

Thornton has scammed women in Maryland, California, Florida and Georgia.  The con artist uses forged documents to convince women that he’s worth millions.  He has a pug puppy named Django that he loves talking about.  Trevor is currently married to multiple women but he lies and tells victims he has never been married.

Devon Glaze Trevor Thornton

Thornton has several vehicles, including a Jaguar, Porsche and Cadillac.

The following screenshot shows Thornton on the Tinder dating app.  He’s using the name “Charles” and set his age to 37:

Devon Glaze Trevor Thornton Tinder
Devon Glaze Trevor Thornton Tinder

Here are some of Trevor’s mugshots.

Devon Glaze Trevor Thornton Mugshots
Devon Glaze Trevor Thornton Mugshots

He has most likely shaved his beard.  The above mugshots show Thornton with less facial hair.  
There are several warrants out for Thornton’s arrest.  If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact Detective Chris Neves at (954) 435-2200 # 275.

The following video is from 2014.  Trevor swindled a woman in Southern California.  The woman explains that Trevor is a very violent individual.  She was pregnant and he tackled her.

By Jason John

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