Denzel’s “Best Actor” Oscar Loss And The Aftermath!

When you think of the Oscars, you think about Fashion, Your favorite shows and movies, and of course the biggest names in show business. Names like Ryan Reynolds, Terrence Howard, and Denzel Washington, and you are always on the edge of your seat when it comes time. Who’s going to be nominated?, Who’s going to win?, who is going to be proclaimed the best actors and actresses of the year?

When the category of “Best Actor” came time to present high hopes were set on Denzel Washington, Nominated for his role in the movie “Fences”. Only to find out things would not go as everybody had hoped. In the end, Washington got beat out by the newcomer Casey Affleck who starred in  “Manchester by the sea”. The Look on Washington’s face was utter disbelief, and you could tell he was definitely not expecting that loss.

This outcome made Fans of Washington very upset and they   immediately took to twitter to express the dismay with the results. Stating that “ Denzel should have won”. Even some big time names in the biz  like Russell Simmons, and T.J. Holmes took to twitter to vent about the results of the nomination, saying that “Fences” was some of Washingtons best work to date, and many seem to agree. I think we’re all curious to  see how long this uproar will last.