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Decoding The Super Bowl ‘Empire’ Teaser Trailer

During the Super Bowl, there were tons of expensive and awesome commercials, but Fox also finally gave us all a glimpse of the trailer for the new episodes of Empire, premiering in March. And boy oh boy, it looks like a lot of drama is on the horizon for the Lyons.

Empire Season 3 Trailer
Empire Season 3 Trailer

Check out the trailer below and then let’s get decoding.

  • The trailer features the ’90s classic song “What is Love?” by Haddaway. The rest of the refain includes “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.” Could this indicate that the Lyons will face more betrayal? And the fact that this is a ’90s song tells me that the tension is most likely between Cookie and Lucious, because they have always had a bond influenced by old school music.
  • COOKIE HAS A BAT. Oh man. And it looks like she’s using it on Lucious. What did he do this time? And how did she get that bat? She is wielding all over the place, much like Kalinda on The Good Wife used to do.
  • Lucious is on the ground, surrounded by broken glass. Is this indicative that this time around, he’s defeated and Cookie will be calling the shots/be victorious? Lucious does eventually get up, but he is stumbling.
  •  THE FLASHBACKS. It looks like those will be back, too.
  • “None of this would exist without me,” Cookie screams. “You built this company on my back.” Cookie means business this time around.
  • And then Cookie and Lucious kiss. Say what?!