Danielle Bregoli Snapchat Name – Cash Me Ousside Girl

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The ‘Cash Me Ousside‘ girl aka Danielle Bregoli has become a star.  She recently caught someone on a plane.  A passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight got into an argument with Danielle’s mom and Danielle wasn’t having it.  Danielle punched the passenger to protect her mother, Barbara Ann.  The 13-year-old is about that life!

Danielle has an online store, a mural and the we can’t stop creating memes about her.  The Internet has received negative press lately because of fake news.  While social media’s fake news problem must be resolved, ‘Cash Me Ousside’ reminds us that anything is possible now that we’re all connected, real-time.

Danielle Bregoli’s Snapchat name is RealBhadBhabie:

Danielle Bregoli Snapchat Name
Danielle Bregoli Snapchat Name

New ‘Cash Me Ousside’ content continues to be created at a rapid pace.  Some people are sick of it.  The tweet below shows that Chrissy Teigen has seen enough:

The trend began to fade but Danielle wasn’t having it.  She punched a woman on a plane and now she’s back on everyone’s news feed.

The tweet below is pure comedy!

What do you think about the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl? Are you sick of it? How much longer will the trend last?

By Jason John

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