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Chance The Rapper Baby Mother, Wife, Girlfriend Pregnant? Kirsten Corley

Chance the Rapper and his girlfriend/baby mama, Kirsten Corley, are back in court.  Their case started in February 2016.  It looks like Kirsten can’t handle Chance’s busy schedule.  We thought they made up after she appeared in the video he posted for the “So Gone Challenge.” The former couple’s original parenting plan required them to live together.

Chance and Kirsten are now done and they’re in the process of establishing different residences.  If Chance signs to a major record label he might be able to save the relationship.  He has to work twice as hard without the support of a powerful label.  While he’s saving money, there’s no way he has any free time.  He recently posted the following photo of his daughter via Instagram:

Billboard explains that Chancelor Bennett aka Chance the Rapper is one of the hottest artist in the game yet he doesn’t have a physical release and he’s not signed to a record label.  Another aspect of the 23-year-old’s life that doesn’t have a definitive label is the mother of his daughter, Kirsten Corley.

You heard him on the track “All We Got”: “Tryna turn my baby mama to my fiancée, she like music, she from Houston like Auntie Yoncé, man my daughter couldn’t have a better mother.” According the Chicago Tribune Kirsten is the mother of the rapper’s 10-month-old daughter and he may have given up on his plans to put a ring on it.  Despite the rumors, she is not currently pregnant.

Chance The Rapper Baby Mother, Wife, Girlfriend Pregnant? Kristen Corley
Chance The Rapper Baby Mother, Wife, Girlfriend Pregnant? Kristen Corley

The couple started dating back in 2013.  She can’t be your girlfriend forever Chano! In February 2016, she filed a petition asking the court to declare the Chicago emcee the father of their daughter, Kinsley.  She also requested child support.  The rapper must not have been spending enough time at home.  Their daughter was born on September 16, 2016 and she has requested for him to pay child support retroactive to Kinsley’s birth.

We love Chance the Rapper because he’s so real.  His lyrics above reveal the exact truth.  The two have been working on it.  In March, Kristen modified her petition to say that she had been living with the rapper and that he has provided financial support for their daughter.

According to Pigeons and Planes “Chano” is featured in the Nike advertisement above.  He’s seen performing his new track, “We The People” for the brand’s Unlimited campaign.  He’s currently the hottest asset on the market and he might as well settle down with Kirsten before he signs a major record deal and he ends up having to give her a substantial portion of it.  It’s cheaper to keep her!

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