Ceaser From Black Ink New Girlfriend

Ceaser from Black Ink’s new girlfriend doesn’t compare to Dutchess.  Ceaser has been going through the most.  A woman recently stopped at the shop to reveal that Ceaser had a secret baby that he had aborted.  The news could be a complete lie yet Dutchess has heard enough.  She storms off and refuses to speak to Ceaser.

The image below shows the woman that many believe is Ceaser’s new girlfriend.  In Black Ink Crew‘s seventh episode of season 5, “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing” Dutchess explains that her trust issues with Ceaser resurfaced after hearing rumors about him cheating.  Ceaser really messes up when he fails to meet Dutchess at a restaurant.

Ceaser From Black Ink New Girlfriend

Dutchess has moved on.  She is now in a relationship with NFL player, Zack Sanchez.  Ceaser generally focuses on building his business but we all need love.

Ceaser claims that he was ignoring calls from Dutchess because of a situation with his daughter that he needed to handle.  She gave Ceaser the engagement ring back and went back to North Carolina.  Since then, Ceaser has been wearing the ring around his neck.  He was spotted wearing the ring while flirting with other females in the club.

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By Jason John

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