Ceaser Black Ink – Baby, Break Up, Dead?

Ceaser Emanuel is not dead.  Many fans that have seen footage from his car accident are panicking.  Ceaser and Dutchess are no longer together.  In episode 6 of Black Ink Crew‘s fifth season, “Dushi or Don’t She” we see one reason why they broke up: Ceaser’s alleged secret baby.  Dutchess brings her sister and brother to the shop when a woman stops by to spill Ceaser’s tea.

Ceaser shared his thoughts regarding the rumors via Instagram.  He explained that there are haters out there lying about him.  The woman that approached Dutchess didn’t share any details about Ceaser’s alleged secret baby.  She explained that Ceaser had a baby aborted behind Ceaser’s back and kept it moving.

Ceaser Black Ink Baby Break Up Dead?
Ceaser Black Ink Baby Break Up Dead?

Is Ceaser And Dutchess Still Together? 2017 Break Up

Ceaser and Dutchess are no longer together.  Ceaser blames rumors for their break up.  During their last year together, Ceaser would travel from New York City to North Carolina on a regular basis to see Dutchess.  A rumor started regarding Ceaser stopping in Philadelphia to see a side chick on his way to North Carolina.

Ceaser and Dutchess laughed about the rumor but then the stories about Ceaser’s cheating continued.  The woman that stopped at the shop claimed that her sister works at Club Onyx in Philadelphia.  She says that Ceaser promised her sister a music career.  In the video above, Ceaser explains that the woman was lying.

Ceaser Emanuel Net Worth

Ceaser is doing very well for himself.  The tattoo artist is currently worth $3 million.  Black Ink Crew is expanding which means Ceaser will be adding to his net worth very soon!

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